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At MICA Energy Solutions, we know how important any investment is. That is why we are here to help you make a decision based on the needs of your home. Through an accurate analysis of your home’s features and family needs, we can make sure that you do not oversize or choose below your level of necessity.


Also known as the forced-air heating system, these are the best choice for people who prefer installing one air system that heats in the cold season and use it for cooling in the hot season. This is a high-performing unit that will be able to convert gas into heat while keeping the level of emissions low. With a general life expectancy of 16 to 20 years, the furnaces we install are built to last. We also recommend the products from Coleman Heating and Air Conditioning Company. These are known for their high energy efficiency, great warranty, and permissive product range.

MICA Energy Solutions Inc
MICA Energy Solutions Inc


Since boilers act both as space and water heaters, they can be great investments for your home. It is an efficient fixture with a central furnace that heats the water, which is pumped through pipes in the radiators of your house. These work on gas, electricity, oil, and other alternative fuels.

What We Recommend

Viessmann Boilers

These boilers run on gas and oil, and biomass for the commercial equipment.

Weil-McLain Units

For those who are looking to heat their homes with the help of water or steam, Weil-McLain Units provide a wide variety of products for you.

NTI Hydronic Heating Solutions

This brand also offers exceptional products due to its state-of-the-art computer-assisted design techniques.


Today’s options are affordable, efficient, and innovative. Thanks to the new gas-fueled models, installing fireplaces in houses have become easier. There are also high-end gas solutions that come with control systems designed to give the temperature that you want. These also come in a wide array of styles to suit any home design.

MICA Energy Solutions Inc

Our Partners


Continental is a company committed to innovative engineering and design, advanced manufacturing techniques, and superior warranties, to which we add the fact that they are the only gas furnace producers in Canada.


Kingsman is a name synonymous with experience and professionalism, quality products, incomparable craftsmanship, and the ability to exceed client expectations.

MICA Energy Solutions Inc

Radiant Tubes

Radiant tubes, or infrared (IR) heating, is a home heating system that emulates how the sun gives warmth to the Earth. If you are interested, we highly recommend Schwank Innovative Heating Solutions and Superior Radiant Products. These two companies offer products that will increase your energy savings and the level of comfort in your home, will reduce heat loss, and will take up very little space.

Schwank Innovative Heating Solutions

Their products are best for harsh environments as they are moisture and corrosion-resistant, with sealed tube heaters and protected fans. They are silent and guarantee energy savings of up to 50% for a period as small as 1 year.

Superior Radiant Products

This company is committed to research and development in technology. They always aim to bring highly innovative features such as independent zone modulation to the table.

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