Equipment You Can Use for Heated Water Supply

Heating the entire house and producing the necessary hot water for everyday use with a reasonable investment is what any homeowner wants. At MICA Energy Solutions, we help you increase your home’s energy consumption while reducing the cost through hot water tanks. We will guide you through this system step by step, so you can fully appreciate the advantages of this equipment.

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Hot Water Tanks

These are versatile products that can easily be adapted to your needs. They can be heated by a central heating unit, a wood-burning stove, a heat pump, gas, electricity, or green energy sources.

Our Recommendations

Bradford White

This brand caters to a large number of customer demands and ensures that you find the product your house needs.

Giant Company

They cover both the residential and commercial areas and offer high-performance and high-capacity heaters to supply entire households or to heat large spaces.

Tankless Water Heaters

Also called an on-demand water heater, these units are one of the most efficient ways to heat water. The tankless heater instantaneously heats water as it flows through. It is a unit powered by gas or electricity and does not need to supply the standby energy necessary for the already stored, heated, and unused water.

Products To Try


This brand excels in supplying a household with hot water at multiple ends, such as the dishwasher, shower, and laundry machine.


The units from this brand are known for their fast-heating water heating feature. Within seconds, the unit detects when a hot water tap is turned on. Eco-friendly, efficient, and compact in design, these two models make inspired choices for any homeowner in any modern household.

MICA Energy Solutions Inc

Unit Choice

Choosing a unit depends on some careful calculations regarding consumption, home temperature, area climate, and power resources costs. Along with these are costs on the installation, product, and maintenance work.

Why Get Our Service

We offer a Customer for Life guarantee. Our crew offers full service and lifetime maintenance, including installations, checkups, and emergency interventions for any tankless water heaters.

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