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If you are looking for cooling systems to get for your home, we have you covered. Professional services for all matters related to the devices we recommend are always made available by MICA Energy Solutions.


This is a must for homes, workspaces, or public indoor spaces. It works by moving heat from inside the house to the exterior, cooling the room, and removing the microorganisms from the air. Maintaining a suitable level of humidity in all parts of a building is important for reasons of health because of its high humidity levels that can lead to the growth of mold and cause other moisture-related problems.

Our Trusted Brand

Coleman has products that have stood the test of time and have proven their worth repeatedly in matters of quality and durability. Keep in mind the fact that these devices need periodical maintenance and small interventions, which we perform. Because of this, we get to see their evolution in time and check on their performance from time to time.

MICA Energy Solutions Inc
MICA Energy Solutions Inc

Ductless Air-Conditioning

One of the least expensive solutions on the market, the ductless air-conditioning system is only made of two components. The compressor, placed outside, pumps and cools the refrigerant through copper lines to the indoor unit, and the indoor unit, which is placed on a wall or on the ceiling, uses an electrically powered high-capacity fan to distribute the cool air in the room.

Companies We Trust

Fujitsu General

The Fujitsu brand name has been consolidated in years on the market and has been proven with undeniable quality for its products. Whether clients were looking for a less noisy cooling solution or an answer to a humidity problem, this brand delivered.

Daikin Companies

Daikin also delivers on the promise of providing people with cutting-edge technology and special attention paid to environmental issues.

High-Velocity Air-Conditioning

A highly efficient energy system with multiple and very useful functions, this system cools, filters, vents, dehumidifies, and humidifies, according to the needs of the homeowner. It works by evening out the temperature in a room from floor to ceiling. By continuously mixing the air, it reduces the moisture by approximately 30%. The operating costs are also low, considering its multiple uses.

MICA Energy Solutions Inc

Brands We Recommend

The Unico System

The Unico System is the company that got the high-velocity air-conditioning system approved by the Department of Energy in the USA. Their systems come with the guarantee that they will fit in any space and they will match any décor and their installation implies no remodeling at all.


SpacePak promises added character to your home, comfortable use of energy, and that no home remodeling whatsoever is needed to fit the system.

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