Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater Pack

Solar water heaters are making a big impact in today’s market for environmentally friendly alternative sources of heat and energy. At MICA, we carry the latest in solar technology used to heat your home’s water. Solar water heaters are an excellent way to make hot water in your home more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

What it includes

MICA is pleased to offer the Vitosol DHW Solar Pack, which includes the following features:

• Vitocell 100-W dual mode solar hot water tank for boiler (250 L) or electric (260 L) back up
• Two separate Vitosol 200-F flat plate collectors (4.02 m² total area)
• Appropriate hardware for sloped roof mounting
• Factory-mounted Solar Divicon pumping control station
• Tank-mounted solar expansion vessel
• All required system components and parts

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Solar Water Heater Tank

Why is solar power better?

Solar power is fast becoming one of the world’s best alternatives to traditional energy sources. When it comes to hot water in your home, the installation and use of a solar water heater can provide you with the following benefits:

• Heating your water with a solar thermal water heater is going to reduce your own personal carbon footprint and provide you with substantial energy savings
• The Vitosol DWH Solar Pack is priced competitively, at 40% less than other solar packages
• Ordering the solar pack is simple and planning for your installation is not needlessly complicated
• Ideally sized for efficient DHW heating in existing residential properties, new constructions, and retrofits
• Easy and fast installation; air vent, shut-off and check valves, flush and fill ports, three-speed solar pump, and solar control are all integrated into the pre-assembled Solar- Divicon. The solar pack contains quick and secure collector fitting installation without the need for tools. The unit also includes a factory-wired solar pump, control and sensors.
• “No-solder” solar loop when using Viessmann flexible pre-insulated solar piping system
• Flat plate collectors that are high-performance with a highly-efficient selectively coated aluminum absorber
• A fully-equipped dual mode steel DHW tank with a pre-mounted Solar Divicon which ensures fast and easy connection to both an electric element back-up as well as the solar thermal system and boiler.
• A DHW tank that is resistant to corrosion by way of Ceraprotect enamelling and magnesium anode for a long and reliable system lifespan.

Solar Panel

If you’re still not convinced…

A solar water heater from MICA is held up to only the highest standards when it comes to things such as performance, efficiency, and ease of use. These units are completely reliable and will perform at optimal levels consistently. The planet is continuously moving towards a greener future, and by switching to solar power for your home in any capacity, you are helping it to do so. Reducing your personal carbon footprint is easy when you are taking the first step by making your home significantly greener through such solutions as a solar water heater.