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Radiant floors are synonymous with well-being and convenience at home. They are an under-the-floor heating system which conducts heat at floor level. The main advantage of the system is that heat is generated from the bottom of the room upwards, unlike traditional forced air heating systems which allow the heated air to rise to the ceiling, leaving the ground area, where we must conduct our activity, in the cold. By keeping our feet warm, we extend the feeling of thermal comfort for a longer period of time.

There are two types of systems to be taken into consideration when thinking of installing such a system. One is powered by electrical wiring and the other is based on a hydronic system of tubes through which hot water flows. The latter charges less on the electrical bill, although it will require a heating device for the water to be boiled in. It is best to take into consideration the restriction each house imposes before deciding on the type of radiant floors to install. And Mica Energy Solutions is here to do just that. We can analyze each particular situation and properly advice on the type of product best suited for any home.

Installing it and remodeling are no challenges for our experiences team members. If you are not sure how the system works, we will gladly explain it to you and even do a follow-up to make sure everything is running smoothly. Any home can be upgraded, as we believe at Mica Energy Solutions, and we are always happy when people entrust us with the task of making their homes even more pleasant to live in. We can install radiant floors in both new constructions, as well as in old homes.