Radiant Floors


Radiant floors are synonymous with well-being and convenience at home. They are an under-the-floor heating system which conducts heat at floor level. The main advantage of the system is that heat is generated from the bottom of the room upwards, unlike traditional forced air heating systems which allow the heated air to rise to the ceiling, leaving the ground area, where we must conduct our activity, in the cold. By keeping our feet warm, we extend the feeling of thermal comfort for a longer period of time.

There are two types of systems to be taken into consideration when thinking of installing such a system. One is powered by electrical wiring and the other is based on a hydronic system of tubes through which hot water flows. The latter charges less on the electrical bill, although it will require a heating device for the water to be boiled in. It is best to take into consideration the restriction each house imposes before deciding on the type of radiant floors to install. And Mica Energy Solutions is here to do just that. We can analyze each particular situation and properly advice on the type of product best suited for any home.

Installing it and remodeling are no challenges for our experiences team members. If you are not sure how the system works, we will gladly explain it to you and even do a follow-up to make sure everything is running smoothly. Any home can be upgraded, as we believe at Mica Energy Solutions, and we are always happy when people entrust us with the task of making their homes even more pleasant to live in. We can install radiant floors in both new constructions, as well as in old homes.

Driveway Snow Melts


Why are driveway snow melts more than just a great amenity? Because they add convenience and safety to the list of things that increase your property value and raise living conditions. By installing such a system you no longer have to shovel snow off the driveway, you never drift when it is covered with ice, not to mention the fact that you prevent freezing and ice seeping and cracking your driveway pavement.

Their basic principle is that of keeping the ground warm thanks to a series of electric wires or by means of tubes and pumps through which hot water is circulated. Although it does not work immediately, as some customers would expect, the driveway snow melts will clear your driveway of unwanted snow in a reasonable period of time. They come with a utility bill attached, as expected, but the advantages speak for themselves.

Having the deposited snow melted by a radiant system of tubes and wires is less expensive than paying for plowing services after every major snowfall, but more expensive than shoveling snow yourself. Should the later argument weight more in favor of getting such a system installed, know that Mica Energy Solutions is always ready to accommodate your desire. We will also advise you on what to expect from the system and how it operates, in order for you to get the best use out of it. We have experience in installing driveway snow melts, in retrofitting or setting up a drainage system for the snow to drain off, which is vital in some cases.

Air Handlers

Air handler

Air handlers have become one of the most popular products among owners of new homes or among people replacing their old HVAC systems and looking for an upgrade. They run quieter, consume less fuel and provide a uniform air temperature and great humidity control. We are talking about a metal box containing a blower, elements used for heating or cooling the air, according to what you need, filters, sound mufflers and valves which regulate the flow of air inside of ducts.

They are very easy to maintain as they use less the stand-by function and are not as exposed to sediment and corrosion like other pieces of heating or cooling equipment. It does not take up a lot of space, which is comforting for people with restrictions and it reduces utility bills in a notable way. Although the price of air handlers may be a bit steep and the installation costs may also weigh in on the problem, the payback is a good argument to go ahead and consider the purchase as an investment which will improve the living conditions and the value of your home.

The Mica Energy Solutions team will make periodical check-ups and we mention that, although these may entail some maintenance costs, they are lower than those of traditional products, as a direct result of cutting-edge technology and industry development. We have much experience in installing this supplementary product, designed to work alongside a boiler, for example, and our customers have had great results in time. Therefore, we recommend getting air handlers for a better way to capitalize on your initial investment in comfort.



The next generation Stelrad Softline Compact Radiator Series has all the high-quality features that is expected from Toronto’s number one HVAC company. It provides a sleek appearance with its curved top grille and end panels that comes with a white powder coated finish made for durability. There are two main models: the K1 models, which are the single panel and is the slimmest of our panel radiators and the K2 models, which are double panels for the more demanding heating applications and premium spaces. It is now available in five heights and lengths ranging from 16 inches to 120 inches. Micah HVAC is proud to serve you today.