Air Conditioning

Air Coniditioning Unit

The popularity of air conditioning is well deserved and it is a must for homes, work spaces or public indoor spaces. Maintaining a suitable level of humidity in all parts of a building is important for reasons of health as well, mainly because high humidity levels can lead to the growth of mold and cause other moisture related problems. It works by moving heat from inside the house to the exterior. In doing so it cools the room and it also removes the micro-organisms from the air, cleaning it. The costs of such devices are reasonably accessible, especially when considering the many uses and advantages.

The vote of confidence from Mica Energy Solutions goes to the air conditioning products at Coleman. These are products which have stood the test of time and have proven their worth over and over again in matters of quality and durability. Keep in mind the fact that these devices need periodical maintenance and small interventions, which we perform, thus getting the chance to see their evolution in time and to check on their performance in the homes of our clients.

We get back raw feedback from the homes we visit for check-ups and we know what to recommend further on. Professional services for all matters related to these devices, from choosing the best one, to installation, maintenance and other related services are always made available by Mica Energy Solutions, as we are firm believers in the need to educate consumers. When it comes to air conditioning, and not only, we cater for both residential as well as commercial needs and we will do our best to make your home or work place the most comfortable there is for your family or workers.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless Air Conditioning Unit

Quite the modern option nowadays, the ductless air conditioning system is the perfect choice for people looking to get cool air in the hot months, inside old houses with floor pipes and radiator systems. One of the least expensive solutions on the market, this system works like the traditional one, but it does not make use of a network of ducts, obviously. The system is made out of two components: the compressor, placed outside, which pumps and cools the refrigerant through copper lines to the indoor unit, and the indoor unit, usually placed on a wall or on the ceiling, which uses an electrically powered high capacity fan to distribute the cool air in the room.

Mica Energy Solutions has found that some of the best performing ductless air conditioning systems are those provided by Fujitsu General and by the Daikin companies. The Fujitsu brand name has been consolidated in years on the market and has been proven with undeniable quality for its products. Whether clients were looking for a less noisy cooling solution, or an answer to a humidity problem, this brand delivered. Daikin also delivers on the promise of providing people with cutting-edge technology and special attention paid to environment issues.

The main reason by we recommend the installing of such a system would be the improvement of the air quality, the pleasant experience of having the just right temperature at the click of a remote button and the fact that it is easy to maintain, easy to install and the benefits are plenty. There is a certain level of maintenance required for ductless air conditioning, but it is no more than for any other type of electrical device you depend on entirely for the comfort of your house and for a longer period of time in a year.

High Velocity Air Conditioning

High Velocity Air Conditioning Unit

The high velocity air conditioning option is a highly efficient energy system with multiple and very useful functions. It cools, filters, vents, dehumidifies and humidifies, according to the needs of the home owner. It is easy to install, with minimum interventions necessary, as it can be easily installed in existing walls and in small spaces. It works on the principle of pressure and it evens out perfectly the temperature in a room from floor to ceiling. By continuously mixing the air, it reduces the moisture by approximately 30%. Operating costs are also low, considering its multiple uses.

Mica Energy Solutions recommends the products of The Unico System and the SpacePak companies. The Unico System is the company which got the high velocity air conditioning system approved by the Department of Energy in the USA. Their systems come with the guarantee that they will fit in any space, they will match any décor and their installation implies no remodeling at all. SpacePak promises added character to your home, a comfortable use of energy and that no home remodeling whatsoever is needed to fit the system.

Apart from the quality guaranteed by the great choice of producers, Mica Energy Solutions brings professionalism and workmanship to the table. Our specialists will assess the situation and make the best recommendation for your home. We can install the system even in the most unconventional of settings as this is the best solution to opt for when you have space constraints and architectural limitations. We will calculate the load in order to establish the best size of the high velocity air conditioning system, install and maintain your system, based on our “Customer for Life” company guarantee.